Established in 1976

Malcolm Fraser was the Aussie PM, cigarette and tobacco advertising was banned on TV and radio, random breath testing was introduced in Victoria , and they finally stopped mining Fraser Island. But more importantly, AR Treasure & Co Pty Ltd was born to Ralph and Deslie Treasure of Chinchilla QLD.

Ralph was a 31 year old go-getter, who grew up on the land and had a love of wide open spaces… likely why he enjoyed driving long distances around Australia.

He saw a need for an affordable way to fix up the outside of aged dwellings in the outback, weathered by the hard climate and relentless sun which damaged the traditional timber and paint cladding which was common in the day. Once he discovered Aluminium Cladding products, complete with a styrofoam insulation layer and long-lasting colour coatings that stood up to the harsh climate much better than traditional paints, he could see how much it could help property owners reduce their maintenance cost and keep their houses and properties looking like new for decades.

Aluminium windows, aluminium framed awnings and patio roofs were soon added to the AR Treasure & Co product offerings, and home owners quickly saw the benefits and cost savings they brought with the good looks.

A lot has changed since the late 70’s, including the succession of vinyl cladding which replaced the aluminum products to offer greater rigidity and resistance to denting and easier installation. The products continue to evolve even now, providing property owners with greater value and longevity and reduced cost.

Warehousing + Freight

When you are the primary supplier and installer of home improvement products in the state, you need some serious space to accommodate the stock quantities involved.


2,500 square metres of floor space, offices and mezzanine storage mean AR Treasure have the ability to purchase materials from the manufactures at bulk wholesale quantities and pass on the savings to property owners.

AR Treasure also run large and medium trucks for site deliveries and on-site quotations. This is the primary way AR Treasure continue to offer personal service and lower delivery costs year in, year out.