AR Treasure only supply and install quality Australian Made vinyl cladding products.

These products differ greatly from the imported alternatives by featuring UV protect all the way through the thickness of the vinyl. Imported products only have their UV protection as a layer on the outside skin. This leaves them much more vulnerable to the sun’s damaging effects, especially when scratched or damaged.

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Buyer Beware

Distributors of imported products glue the insulation material to the back of their vinyl products in Australia, then advertise the whole product as being Australian Made.

The Difference

In our own tests, we have compared both truly Australian Made (as used by AR Treasure) and the inferior imported vinyl cladding products in the harsh Australian outback sun for several months. This is a good test, considering the ground gets hotter than a building wall.

When placing the two products side by side on the ground, the imported product deformed and changed colour within 2 weeks, while the true Australian Made product lasted over 12 months and was still in as new condition and could be used. We didn’t see the point of leaving it even longer!

It makes sense why the Australian manufacturer backs their product with a 50 year warranty.

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